What Old School SEO Is Out of Style?

When SEO was first introduced, it was so different from what we know today. The best SEO company will tell you that search engine optimization is constantly changing, it’s evolving to accommodate new technologies and to provide people with a better search experience. While this is the case, as a business owner, you still want a good ranking because everyone knows that only a small handful of people will actually go to the second page of search results and this is usually if they can’t find what they are looking for on the first page.

How you get there is what is changing with Google regularly adding new algorithms to improve their searchers experience. This means that you want to ensure your SEO campaign is also constantly changing, remaining up to date with the current trends.

One of the first old school SEO techniques that is now very much out of date is to use one keyword, often that you presumed your clients would be searching for. Today you need to use long and short tailed keywords, along with those that are local. So where you would originally have had a keyword of “school,” for example, you now need “senior school,” “best high school,” or “top high school London.” You want to make the most of the short and long tailed keywords to accommodate how your clients search, which you will be able to identify from getting your SEO company to carry out detailed keyword research.

Then there is the old school SEO trend of using automatic link building services because they were cheaper. Search engines are now focusing on the user’s experience and the links they use to find your website must be of the highest quality. This is why the best SEO company will tell you that they only do manual link building, both internal and external, this reduces the risk of the links being broken or being poor quality. Your links should be from top industry specific sites and they should all be working, none of them broken. This is something you need to monitor on a regular basis, changing broken links as soon as possible.

Paid links were another top choice many years ago. Companies wouldn’t have the time in their busy schedules to search sites and get their website linked to increase the chances of Google identifying the site and helping them reach their audience. In order to get links from other sites, they would pay for the links. This is the biggest mistake and this Old School technique went out of style many years ago. Today it’s about reputation, quality and user experience and you need to secure a link in an ethical manner.

Another old school technique that the best SEO company will laugh at today is to have a page for every single one of your keywords. This meant websites had pages upon pages of these keyword enriched sites. Today when you have multiple pages it’s to cater to each location that you provide a service and not based on each particular keyword.

The final old school technique is that you don’t need to get your business name on directories. This is definitely not the case, especially with local SEO being so important these days. Companies need to ensure that they are on all the directories that relate to their industry. Search engines will often use top directories to identify different companies and websites, so this also increases your changes of having your ranking improved and reaching your audience with ease and confidence.

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